Successful Hip And Knee Replacement Surgeries

Hip injury can be treated through non-surgical means as well as surgical means. Usually doctors prefer non-surgical treatments as they are easier and off course less painful and technical. But in case the nature of your case is such that it cannot be treated without a surgery, then the doctor would go for a complete hip replacement as the last option. Within the category of surgical treatments, there are many from which the doctor choses which one to undertake depending upon the situation of the bone. For instance, at times only the tendons are to be repaired, and sometimes the tissues are inflamed and that can aggravate the pain, if only a part of the bone is damaged, the doctor can also replace it partially and not the complete bone and lastly, the entire hip is replaced. To do all this you need a doctor who is well versed and none other than Dr. David Slattery could do that! He has all the knowledge and experience amassed over his time spent in Australia and abroad. He is capable of diverse kind of hip replacement cases and treats them through surgical and non-surgical methods depending upon the diagnosis of the injury. In case you have any query, you may contact them and book yourself an appointment.

Apart from replacement of hip bone, Dr. David can also treat knee injuries and there are numerous treatments for it, one out of them all being the Robotic Knee Replacement. This as the name suggests involves treating the knee through the use of technology, instruments that are managed by the computer are used to participate in the surgery. They cut exactly in the bone where replacement is required. This does not mean that the specialist knee surgeon Melbourne does nothing, actually he is the one who does the entire procedure right from making the cut, implanting, closing the wound, but the interesting part is that in place of nurse or other medical staff, and there are robots that would assist the doctor throughout.

This surgery basically is undertaken by using the 3D technology, where the surgeon guides the computer regarding he patients anatomy and then that 3D model is used to decipher what to do and how to go about the surgery. The technology is so advance that it even allows the doctor to view how the new implants would possibly work on the patients. The advantage of this method of treatment is that the patient is saved from any trial and error kind of cuts and surgeries, rather the doctor only starts the procedure when he is hundred percent sure what to do.

Doctors in Australia, these days use one of the following robot systems for surgeries, these are: Navio and Mako. The difference between the two systems is that the position of the former is decided by the doctor and the latter is managed by the computer system. The similarity between the two is their level of accuracy in terms of cutting of bones.